Why do I need an expert for my FZulG application?

Your application for the Forschungszulagengesetz must contain a detailed explanation of the technical aspects of your Research and Development project (R&D) as well as highlighting its innovative aspects and new solutions.

In order to streamline your application and evaluate its eligibility, you may rely on a consulting cabinet specialized in fiscal norms and R&D projects. Having an expert to help you navigate the specific paperwork will certainly give your project a higher success rate.

Optimize your application and increase results

With over 300 experts in various domains, EPSA boasts precise technical and scientific knowledge spanning all types of activities: NICT software, chemistry, food-processing, medical and pharmaceutical, automobile, communications, SaaS and aeronautics, among others.

Our experts help innovative companies all over Europe in identifying financial aids to bolster their research and development. From the projects eligibility to the more specific technical aspects required in your application, we are capable of intervening at any stage of the process.

Our approach: an efficient process in 10 simple steps:

  1. Contract signature (including a confidentiality agreement)
  2. Interviews with the different teams included in the project
  3. Project audit and preliminary analysis
  4. Study of the project’s eligibility for the FZulG
  5. Financial data collection and company management information
  6. Estimate of funds susceptible to receive a tax allowance
  7. Online registering of the application, including management information, company financials and technical details required for approval
  8. Registration of approved funds at the regional tax agency
  9. Follow-up and filing of additional documents with the pertinent public actors (especially for future tax declarations)
  10. Evaluation and process optimization for the company’s future FZulG applications

Is your company eligible for the FZulG tax allowance?

Find out if your company is eligible for tax research funding!
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