Designing and delivering lasting performance

Boasting uninterrupted growth since its establishment in 2001, EPSA is a precious collaborator for any organization that wants to increase its performance and profitability, especially thanks to the power of its cutting-edge technology and digital solutions.

Today our services have expanded to include a complete surveillance and analysis of all our clients’ activities. We offer bespoke solutions on every level, from purchasing optimization, organizational restructuring and new process rollout (Operations & Procurement), Tax and fiscal optimization (EPSA Tax), reduction of energy consumption through technology and innovation (EPSA Innovation & Energy); to the creation and setup of a personalized, user-friendly digital platform for non-essential purchases and simpler invoicing (Market place).

Resolutely client-centric, our solutions are tailor-made to our customers’ needs. Our teams are constantly seeking to improve our clients’ efficiency and profitability through our sustainable, personalized answers to every aspect of your business.

With the establishment of our first subsidiary branch in Germany and careful recruiting of local experts, EPSA seeks to extend its activities to include the newly created tax allowance for R&D (FZulG). The new Forschungszulagengesetz tax allowance requires an in-depth knowledge of local and national rules and regulations, this is why our dedicated team of experts is at your disposal to help your company optimize your application.


700 M€Business volume

170 M€Brut profit

3000 M€Savings for our clients


EPSA continues its internationalization and establishes itself as a major player in Europe and the world on sustainable performance issues.

35countries covered, 25 offices

Revenue generated abroad (MD €)0%

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