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Client Overview

Zolitron is a leading Internet of Things (IoT) company specializing in optimizing companies’ disposal processes using artificial intelligence (AI) in the cloud. With a mission to revolutionize waste management and enhance sustainability, Zolitron provides innovative solutions that streamline operations and drive efficiency.


With a vision for expansion and a commitment to continuous innovation, Zolitron sought to further develop their AI-powered disposal optimization solutions and expand their market reach. However, the costs associated with research and development (R&D) initiatives posed a significant financial challenge. Zolitron needed a strategic financial solution to fund their expansion plans and accelerate their innovation efforts.


Recognizing the potential for Zolitron to benefit from funding programs, EPSA partnered with the company to maximize their financial opportunities. Leveraging their expertise in identifying and securing funding  for innovative companies, EPSA conducted a comprehensive assessment of Zolitron’s R&D activities. Through in-depth analysis and collaboration with Zolitron’s team, EPSA identified eligible R&D projects and formulated a strategic plan to claim the associated tax credits.

EPSA guided Zolitron through the entire process, from documenting eligible R&D activities to preparing and submitting the necessary paperwork to claim the tax credits. By leveraging EPSA’s specialized knowledge and experience, Zolitron was able to unlock valuable financial resources to fund their expansion plans and accelerate their innovation initiatives.


Thanks to EPSA’s assistance, Zolitron successfully claimed back more than 200,000 euros in R&D tax credits. These additional funds provided Zolitron with the financial resources needed to expand their operations, further develop their AI-powered disposal optimization solutions, and enter new markets. With renewed financial stability and a strengthened commitment to innovation, Zolitron is well-positioned to achieve their growth objectives and establish themselves as a leader in the IoT industry.


Through strategic collaboration with EPSA, Zolitron was able to unlock significant financial opportunities and propel their innovation journey forward. By leveraging the ZIM program, Zolitron not only funded their expansion plans but also reaffirmed their commitment to driving technological advancements and delivering value to their clients. As a trusted partner, EPSA remains dedicated to supporting Zolitron’s growth and success, ensuring they continue to thrive in a competitive business landscape.